You are a lone ninja in the year 3020.
A virus known as VOID-19 has infected most of organic life.

VOID-19 morphs victims into metal.
Re-arranging them into strange technology.

The virus seems sentient.
Terra-forming our world.
Evolving each day.

Some believe it's an Alien Invasion.
The Apocalypse.
The Technological Singularity.
Or a some Demonic Alchemy Plague.

A compound found in
Koseki Crystals grants
temporary immunity to VOID-19.

You've set out into the wild
to retrieve the crystals.

Hoping to find other humans on the way to help you synthesize an antidote.


Press A/D to Strafe

Press W/Spacebar to Jump

Press S to Crouch

Press E to Punch

Press N to Throw Shuriken

Jump to Climb on Walls/Ledges
(Only Green/Purple/Grass/Snow)
Slide Down These Surface

Double-Tap K for Right Dash
Double-Tap J for Left Dash
Effect Has Two Second Cooldown

Find Koseki Crystals
or Steal Them From Plug Rats to Regain Health

Press esc to Pause

StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreAdventure, Platformer
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Futuristic, Hand-drawn, jungle, Ninja, Singleplayer, virus


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Definitely an interesting game! Loved the art style


Amazing game here is some feedback tho. Try to add wall jumping better staying still animations. Maybe a sliding mechanic.  Weapons you can pick up. Like a samurai sword.  and maybe ninja stars. a mechanic that if you hold down control you can climb up walls.    

thanks! I was actually thinking about that yesterday and now I've added a sticky wall type in different zones that uses a slide mechanic and that is easy to side jump off of and climb.